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Relive the days of 1.09D PvP! This server is a enhanced to keep you playing, added special token system for making it to level 99. These tokens are used in recipes for items. 1.08 Items have been added, and can drop from monsters!


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D2Region started in July of 2011 and after a month of private beta which Ghostx had assisted we finally launched D2Region to the public in September of 2011. We have been online for over 3 and a half years (as of 01/12/15). Many patches of D2Region have been released and LOTS of features have been added, but all with the mindset of the 1.09d PvP system. This is a PvP Mod, but certainly has many 1.09 PvM elements to it. We have released 8 Patches since opening the gates, and still continue to Modify the Patch to add more elements to the game while maintaining the True 1.09 PvP system!


This is the current features post for the patch D2Region version 2.2 (01|01|15), which is based off of the beloved Diablo II 1.09d D2Relived mod (RelivedGaming Network). I was given permission to use their 5.1b version of their mod for our base (D2Region 1.0, 1.09d). D2Region is not ran by any of the staff from D2Relived, but by *kalans (kalanvod) a player from that era and many from the same network have made a return. For the FULL patch release notes you can see the thread located here.



Realm Features
-As of 2015 we are now hosted on the Diablo2Realms Network, the Temple of Zakarum Community hosting the most Diablo II mods of ANY network!
-Active Staff
-Active Mod Development (Your Opinion Matters Here!)
-Tournaments with prizes, giveaways, contests and more!
Super Cow events with greater experience rates and higher drops!
-PvP Arena in Act 1, more to come in later Acts! (
-Good Manor Duels (Zero Tolerance For Bad Manor in public games)
-Newly Created
D2Tabber, open multiple windows for muling and leveling (based Off of Butchers Tabbed Diablo)

Key Features
-Level Rewards System where each level 99 character receives prize tokens used in many recipes
Read More)
-Starter Items and Set specifically designed for each class (Every new character starts off with these), items that are used to PvM/MF/Level quickly
-PvP Inspired Sets, not over powered but allows for more creative and useful builds on limited characters (
See Items)
-All 1.08 items are creatable and droppable in game! Along with the 1.09 items as well! (
See Recipes)
-Updated graphics in many areas of the mod, gives a breath of fresh air to the dark style of Diablo II
-Redesigned Towns (Acts 1,3 & 5), adding a new feel for going to town
-Entrance to the cow level from town, including a "Starter Pen" where your characters are safe to leach experience (
-Heavily modded cow level containing more than 2k cows (
-Players start with the FULL Starter Set and Cube. The Cube only takes up one inventory space and it is as large as it can be when you open it (
-Expanded Stash and Cube size (
-Jamella added by the town exit for healing quickly between duels in Act 1
-Rushing waypoints, each Act has the bosses waypoint to allow for quick rushes (
-Increased Experience by 4x Regular 1.09d standards, and during Super Cow events 9x the experience with increased drop rates
-Fully geared Mercenaries, allowing for more Aid! Along with newly added skills to many Mercenaries allowing for creative setups!
-Custom cube recipes using a token system from level rewards and enhanced bosses. (Ie: 6os Windforce, Cliffhanger amulet, Occy rings, Iths & many more) (
-Increased tome sizes (Townportal & Identify), each capable of holding 100 each, as well as taking up only one inventory space (
-Increased arrow stacks to 500, as well as unique and magical arrow drops with assorted bonuses (
Pic|Pic|Pic). The unique and magical arrows are only used for PvM.
-Increased Key stack size to 100
-Able to Teleport in town as well as all the Pre-Casting buffs
-Can create 21 characters per account, which never get deleted due to inactivity
-New in-Game color vials, which allow you to change the color of predetermined items such as Vampire Gaze and Arreat's Face. (More to be added later) (
-D2Loader and MapHack provided which allows for multiple client logons

Other Features
-Revamped GUI with many icon enhancements (Pic|Pic|Pic|Pic|Pic|Pic|Pic)
-Quest Icons enhanced to add some flavor (
-Many map edits and enhancements (
-Quickly rush your characters
-Jerhyn moved next to Meshif (
-Start out near the Town Portal area in Act II
-Start out next to the waypoint in Act III (
-All quest items have be reduced to take only one space (
-No rain (causes lag for some), allows for smoother gameplay when dueling and having multiple windows opened
-Experience shrines regenerate faster and have an increased duration
-Gem shrines recharge every 5 minutes
-The IK maul is a CB, so it can be dual wielded by barbs
-All Blizzard sets have sockets added where available
-All LOD sets improved to mimic 1.13 set attributes, gives more viability for new users
-Cruel weapons infinitely re-rollable, including ethereal ones (Prize Tokens Required for Ethereals)
-Added a SUPER boss "Andurmendiaal" which drops bugged tokens and organs that are used in bugged items (
Partial bugged tokens added, Mephisto drops them
recipes which give more power to the player!
-More Pictures (


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I am always available to help you and I am open to suggestions/comments, pertaining to D2Region (Patch, D2Tabber) updates | and anything else you can think of. You can reach me on Diablo2Realms via a pm | in game (*kalans) | or by using the Suggestions/Comments forum!


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